Run_Bradders_Run OOreview

Run_Bradders_Run OOreview

Like many others I am a big user of social media platforms. When watching people’s stories and posts you get to hear about new brands or products that are a ‘must have’.

I have read many positive comments about how good the OOFOS brand is and for a few months I debated whether to get a pair.

I struggle with shin splints, so cushioned footwear when resting is a blessing and after much debate (and a long wait for my size to be back in stock) I purchased a pair of Black OOFOS OOriginal.

I completed my purchase on my phone via but needed them to come the next day as I was off on a stag do and wanted comfortable footwear. I didn’t know you could change delivery options on Apple Pay and accidentally ordered the standard delivery.

When I realised my error I contacted the OOFOS customer care team and within 24hrs I had a response. To my surprise they had shipped my product on next day delivery as a courtesy even though it was my mistake and I offered to pay. This for me made me love the brand before the product even arrived.

D-day was here, and my new OOFOS arrived. I unpacked them and put my feet straight in….instant heaven. They are unbelievably comfortable, quality materials and looked quite smart.

The real test was to come though….what would they be like when worn as your main shoes all day and night on a weekend in Benidorm?

The answer….perfect! I loved them. They were so comfortable no matter what surface I was on. They also helped ease the impact when walking which meant my shins felt better as well.

I now wear them every single day and am even buying my wife a pair. Can’t recommend OOFOS highly enough, if you’re thinking of buying a pair then please do. Cannot fault them.

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