New Year, New yOO | 5 Ways to Feel Better in the New Year

New Year, New yOO | 5 Ways to Feel Better in the New Year

Here at OOFOS, our mission is to make yOO feel better. In our New Year, New yOO series, we previously discussed the importance that proper recovery has in helping you meet your fitness resolutions this year and feeling better.

We know that exercise is important for our overall health and wellness; the endorphins that are released when exercising definitely make yOO feel better.   

Today, we’re taking a look at 5 different healthy habits beyond exercising that will help make yOO feel better in the new year.


We all lead busy lives and often can let the stress of day-to-day life get to us. Stress can take a major toll on your physical wellbeing. Meditation is a wonderful way to quiet your mind and reduce stress. Try taking a few minutes each day to meditate by focusing on your breathing and letting the stress of the day melt away. You can even try using a mediation app to guide you through the practice.


You push your body through tough workouts, put in the miles running, but what you put into your body is just as important. You won’t enjoy the maximum benefits of exercise if you aren’t fuelling your body with good, nutritious foods. Try to make small changes that will add up to big results. Instead of reaching for that bag of chips at lunchtime, pack yourself a healthy granola bar or some veggies to snack on instead, or try swapping out your daily soda for seltzer water. These small healthier choices will add up to big results.

Quality sleep

Nothing recharges your batteries quite like a restful night of sleep. Rest is so important for your immune system, mental health and overall attitude. Your body repairs itself during your sleeping hours. This new year, try to get into the habit getting at least 7-8 hours of quality sleep each night and watch the difference it makes in how you feel throughout the day.


After indulging in one too many festive holiday cocktails, the new year is a great opportunity to get your hydration game back on track. Staying properly hydrated can make you glow from the inside out—helping your digestive system and other organs work at their optimal level while also helping your skin stay clear and healthy looking. Studies generally say that you should aim for around 8 glasses of water per day. A tip that you might find helpful in working on increasing your water intake—keep a tally on your phone or a piece of paper throughout the day. Goals often become more attainable when you can visually track your progress.

And of course, don’t forget about... 

wearing OOFOS

Feeling better starts from the feet up. OOfoam™ technology and our patented footbed design provide comfortable cushioning to take impact off of the joints and arch support to help all the structures of the feet to feel better. In fact, OOFOS shoes have been scientifically proven to lessen the demand on your ankles and knees while walking. This results in less work for the other leg muscles and reduces stress to make your entire body feel better.

This year, make it a goal to implement more activities that will make your body and mind feel better, whatever that means to you.