Meet mOOver Alycia Baumgardner

Meet mOOver Alycia Baumgardner

Alycia's story of power and positivity will leave yOO motivated to be the best version of yourself.



Alycia Baumgardner was born an athlete. She played multiple sports, including being introduced to boxing at age 6. From then on, the ring was where she found her calling. She began her career as an amateur, which is required to be part of an Olympic team. She realized early that her style of boxing was more suited for pro fights. The amateur style of the Olympics is a point system that’s more about landing strategic punches, as opposed to working your opponent and setting up the right punch for a knockout. When the power of your punch lands you the nickname “The Bomb,” the pro level becomes a natural move. That turn to go pro changes the game though. Smaller gloves. No headgear. It wasn’t just sport anymore; it was her job. You have to fight to survive.

The rise to success wasn’t a linear path. After going 5-0 in her first five fights, Alycia took on a boxer that was 9-1 … and lost her first ever match in a split decision. She didn’t let it derail her though. She calls it a “detour process,” using it as an opportunity to pivot and continue forward. A new trainer, location and inner circle were all necessary for her career, and it paid off.



Part of her new process included praying, writing and positive self-talk. “Boxing is 90% mental, so you have to be mentally stable when you step in the ring.” She had the physical prowess, but she needed that mental training to elevate her game. Before long, she would write something down or speak it aloud - and then watch it come to fruition right in front of her.


And the best she became. Alycia achieved her dream of becoming World Champion when she won a TKO against Terri Harper in November of 2021. She went in as the underdog and came out the WBC & IBO Super Featherweight Champion. Her record now stands at 11-1 with that singular loss still the only one on her record. Alycia knows that the more success she has, the harder her competition will work to take her belts – so she works not just harder, but smarter.


A weekly training routine for Alycia is 5-6 days in the gym. She runs 3-5 miles every morning. After that, she’s sparring, bags, mits – “the technical stuff”. Some days, there’s strength training thrown in. It’s a full workload – and it doesn’t let up until two days before a fight. 

Footwork is key in this training routine. It's important to stay light on your feet at all times in the ring.  You can never “get stuck” because that’s when they can attack you and put you on defense. “When you have good footwork, you're able to move, you're able to miss punches, you're able to set up your punches. When you're wanting that power to really go through your body, to the end of your punch, you have to make sure you have a solid foundation.” Jump rope, mit-work, sparring all help build this foundation. So does her recovery. 


After practice, you will find Alycia focused on reaping the benefits of a full day of training through intentional recovery. Icing, stretching, massage, hydration and nutrition all ensure that she is ready to do it all again the next day. OOFOS are an easy addition to her routine that help provide recovery from all that work she’s putting on her feet. The support and release they provide her feet and body are helping her to reach her peak. She knows they are a key piece of the performance puzzle that allows her to be at 100%, and will help with longevity in the sport. 

Outside the ring, Alycia pursues her other passions, including being a Ford Model and serving as a guest commentator for other fights. She enjoys having the opportunity show “the beauty outside and the beast inside” to present her full, multidimensional self to the world.

In addition to her personal endeavours, Alycia can be found mentoring women of all ages and abilities within her community. She teaches boxing classes for all women, including everything from self-defence to making sure they are staying on their health journey. Alycia didn’t have a female boxing mentor growing up. She believes because she possesses skills and information, it’s her responsibility to pass it on. Even though she has an intense training regimen that never stops, with OOFOS, her recovery never stops, so she’s able to keep moving outside the ring and still be 100% when she steps back into it.


Alycia signed a multi-fight deal for 2022. She will attempt to add the WBA, IBF and WBO belts to her IBO and WBC titles - unifying all five Championship belts and making her the undisputed Super Featherweight Champion of the World. Until then, you can find her training, modelling, mentoring … and recovering in OOFOS.