How OOFOS Gives Back – The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity

How OOFOS Gives Back – The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity

Last April, OOFOS officially announced their partnership with The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity, a fund-raising movement focused on building a better future for cancer patients. Following this partnership, OOFOS will be donating 2% of their net online sales revenue to The Royal Marsden's charity efforts. As a leading cancer centre, The Royal Marsden is dedicated to researching new and improved treatment methods that will benefit cancer patients around the world. Their charity also funds the creation of state-of-the-art equipment that creates the best environments for cancer patients. In addition to this, OOFOS will be giving out footwear products to The Royal Marsden's hospital staff. The partnership kicked off with Deborah James, a cancer patient and avid supporter of Bowel Cancer UK, handing her oncology team new pairs of OOFOS OOcloogs.

In 2020, OOFOS also partnered with multiple movements to assist in the ongoing health crisis, including one that provided exclusive discounts for nurses who needed more comfortable footwear. Programs like these recognize the incredible amount of hard work medical professionals like nurses put into caring for other people. Every level of nursing is demanding on the feet, especially as the role grows when they become more specialized. Those with a nursing degree are qualified to work in patient intensive locations such as home healthcare settings, nursing homes, and community services, as well as general hospitals. These are often the most demanding roles in healthcare and a good pair of footwear can be lifesaving. For instance, critical care nurses belong to one of the most fast-paced of those careers that force these healthcare providers to spend an average of 12 hours per shift. Much of that time is spent on their feet or running around in the ICU. Now, the current collaboration with The Royal Marsden allows OOFOS to extend its services to more medical professionals who are doing their part to keep everyone safe. OOFOS footwear can help them to recover from the fatigue of their long shifts.

Antonia Dalmahoy, Managing Director of The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity, had this to say: “I’d like to thank OOFOS for entering into this new, exciting partnership as part of its global drive to support people with cancer. Their support will be invaluable in helping us to save and improve the lives of people with cancer, and for that we are enormously appreciative. In addition, by gifting Royal Marsden frontline staff some OOFOS clogs to wear at work, this new partnership will help us to continue supporting Royal Marsden staff as we have done throughout the pandemic. The last year has been incredibly tough for staff who have been caring for cancer patients while managing the impact of COVID, and now thanks to OOFOS and their super comfortable clogs we can lighten the load on their feet a little more.”

These medical professionals work tough jobs, yet still find the strength to be compassionate — all for the sake of alleviating their patient's discomfort. That's why OOFOS is determined to show its gratitude. It is through partnerships, like this one with The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity, that OOFOS is able to give back to the community.

In fact, Giles Cundell, Head of International at OOFOS, was elated by this opportunity. He said: “This is a cause very close to the heart of the OOFOS brand and its entire team. As we partner with The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity, we reinforce our commitment to supporting, fund-raising and championing cancer charities in their vital work. Additionally, now more than ever, is a time to be wholeheartedly looking after the UK’s NHS staff who work tirelessly to give the best possible care to patients. We are confident our shoes will help them feel better and recover faster after a long shift. We are very proud to be able to help the charity and its staff, now and in the future and are confident that our partnership will grow and evolve.”

This partnership extends OOFOS's commitment to the Project Pink initiative. To learn more, check out the project’s main page.

Written by Diana Scott