Bethan OOmg OOreview

Bethan OOmg OOreview

Oofos is one of those brands that I just can't get enough of! I tried my first pair over a year ago in the lead up to the London marathon and I've never looked back. My Mum bought me a pair as they had been recommended in a local running shop as a great recovery aid, thank you Mum, and my love for OOFOS started there.



Winter is Coming

I have always had a range of the sliders and flipflop style Oofos and loved them but with winter around the corner, they are not the most practical footwear! Luckily I was asked if I wanted to try the Oomg’s in the new Navy colour so obviously I jumped at the chance.

The OOmg’s include the same OOFOAM technology as the rest of the range so they have just as much impact on recovery as the flip flop styles that have now got me through two marathon training cycles! It's safe to say I love these just as much as my very first pair. My first thoughts when trying the OOmg shoes were all about comfort. They are super cushioned so almost feel bouncy and the upper mesh part of the shoe is stretchy meaning that they feel amazing on my feet.


The biggest perk with these shoes is that they are winter-friendly. Not 100% waterproof but definitely enough for tackling the chilly winter weather ahead! The shoes have been with me shopping, out with the dog and even on a lovely walk or two down to the local pub! And I’m sure they will be on a lot more outings as marathon training begins around Christmas.

The only problem I have found with these shoes is that the rest of my family keep trying to steal them! My Mum and Grandma have both had a try and love them. I think I will have to keep them guarded and hidden away if I stand a chance of keeping hold of them!

Worth the Money

The OOmg’s are a bit pricey and I was lucky enough to be given a pair to try rather than parting with my hard-earned cash. But I do have to say that now I have tried them I think they are well worth the money. Obviously, it depends how much you would wear them but the style works well with both running wear and jeans meaning they are an adaptable shoe that you can wear in most situations. It’s just a shame I’m not allowed to wear them for work, that would be brilliant!

All in all, I would rate these shoes just as highly as I rate the rest of my Oofos collection, they are definitely a lifesaver after a long hard run!

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