Steven Salazar's #ReasonsToRun London 2019

Steven Salazar's #ReasonsToRun London 2019

In the latest of our Marathon Season posts, Steven Salazar shares his #ReasonsToRun the London Marathon 2019.


Can you tell us your name?

Steven Salazar

How many marathons have you run?

0 - London will be my first but I have run 3 half’s this year

What charity are you running for and why?

I am running for The Brain Tumour Charity. When I was young I lost my Grandma to cancer and I made a promise then that I would do whatever could when I was older to either donate to charity or work for one. I work for The Brain Tumour Charity in the partnerships team at the moment working across the UK with businesses of any shape and size. I see first hand the impact we have so wanted to do what I could when I got a ballot place first time to fundraise and spread awareness. Brain tumours are the biggest cancer killer of children and adults under 40, but still something you wouldn’t have heard of until it affects you. Unfortunately this is a severely underfunded cancer and it affects the part of you that makes you “you”. It can affect everyone from babies to grandparents. It can affect your mobility, your relationships and work. I believe so much in our Charity and what we fight for everyday that I will do everything I can to help defeat Brain tumours one day. And if running a marathon will spread awareness to just one person and that helps them get an earlier diagnosis that would be worth it.

How do you plan to recover after the marathon?

I plan to wear my new OOFOS slippers as soon as I finish and then enjoy some much needed drinks with my amazing cheer team coming down. (Probably 30/40 plus people which is ridiculous).