Cassandra Vine's #ReasonsToRun London 2019

Cassandra Vine's #ReasonsToRun London 2019

In the latest of our Marathon Season posts, Cassandra Vine shares her #ReasonsToRun the London Marathon 2019.


Can you tell us your name?

Cassandra Vine

How many marathons have you run?

London Marathon 2018 was my first ever marathon completed in my first year of running, this year I will be doing Paris Marathon on 14 April and London Marathon on 28 April.

Is this your first London Marathon?

No, I was lucky to run it last year and was the race that has got me hooked on running marathons.

What charity are you running for and why?

I am running for Mind, the mental health charity in memory of a very dear friend that lost her battle to mental health in January 2018, I wanted to do something amazing in her honour. Running also helped me a lot in dealing with my grief when she passed away and it seems fitting that I do this to help others.

How do you plan to recover after the marathon?

My go to plan on all my long runs, legs up for a short period directly after the run, I then put on a pair of OOFOS (they are a saving grace), keep moving and enjoy a delicious meal to aid in my recovery post the marathon. Last year I ended up wearing my OOFOS for about 3 days after the marathon so I might just try that again.


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