Carol Littler's #ReasonsToRun London 2019

Carol Littler's #ReasonsToRun London 2019

In the latest of our Marathon Season posts, Carol Littler shares her #ReasonsToRun the London Marathon 2019.


Can you tell us your name?

Carol Littler

How many marathons have you run?


What charity are you running for and why?

JDRF - this is my 7th London on the trot for JDRF (I turn 50 next month and only bought my first trainers when I was 42. I’ve also run a couple of Manchester Marathons and last year New York. All my London places (and New York) have been charity places so 7 years of constant fund raising has been tough. My 19 year old son, Tom, was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes when he was 2. I’m a fixer and can’t fix Type 1 myself so I’ve dedicated all my efforts to the next best thing, raising money for a charity that hopefully can. This year I’m running London, Berlin and New York again for JDRF (London and New York both charity places). I’ve raised £2061 and covered my London target of £2000 for this year but I’m only on $83 of a $4500 target for New York so some Oofos would be fab to help out and I’d plenty use out of them. I’m not a racing snake either, I’m a plodder and proud. Party at the back - I’m in it for the atmosphere and raising money for charity. My few hours of pain is nothing to what my son deals with daily - he’s already had over 50,000 injections of insulin just to stay alive. I’ll continue to run and support this charity for as long as I’m able to x

How do you plan to recover after the marathon?

I’ve just bought my first pair of Oofos and I’ll relax in them on the train home to Wigan with a nice glass of wine, then straight back to work on the Monday (running my Slimming World groups) wearing my medal and Oofos, hopefully inspiring my members that they can achieve whatever they put their mind to.