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Post Marathon Recovery

April 27, 2016

Post Marathon Recovery

As everyone who just ran the Brighton or London Marathon knows recovering from a run is just as important as training for it. Although it is essential to complete those long runs and tough workouts, the recovery period is often when improvements happen.

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Recovery allows the body to recharge and refuel so you are better prepared for your next run or training session. Without proper rest, you deny your body the chance to adapt to the stress it has endured during a marathon or long run and the gains your body has made during it. By wearing OOFOS after a workout, you jump start the recovery period by absorbing the impact your body would otherwise undertake.

When you take the proper time to recover, you are able to go into your next workout stronger and better equipped to conquer your next goal. Congratulations to every one who ran in Brighton or London over the last few weeks. Enjoy your rest period, you deserve it!